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Utah gunman uses Facebook to talk to friends during Police raid

Jason Valdez, 36, decided that he wasn’t going to go back to jail easy this time. Valdez was being served a felony warrant for his arrest this past Friday when he decided to flee to a local Western Colony Inn hotel with a hostage named Veronica and a loaded gun.

A 16-hour stand-off ensued between Odgen, Utah police and the gunman. During the entirety, Valdez made sure to Facebook login and update his friends about the event. His Facebook friends even went as far as to offer support and love throughout.

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Valdez wrote on his Facebook status, “I’m currently in a stand off wit these shady ***** from old, kinda ugly but ready for whatever. I love u guyz and if I don’t make it out of here alive that I’m in a better place and u were all great friends….”

One reply read, “Jason be strong , you have family here for you. We love u!”

One Facebook buddy even offered strategic help to his friend. “Gun ner in the bushes stay low,” said the post. “Thank you homie,” Valdez replied back. “Good looking out.”

After a grueling 16-hour crime scene, it came to a sudden end when police broke down the walls to arrest Jason Valdez. Unfortunately, Valdez shot himself before being taken into custody. He is in critical condition at a nearby hospital and faces charges of kidnapping and attempted homicide.

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