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Chief Operating Officer of Facebook Sheryl Sandberg says she cries at work

From the common user perspective, Facebook login is nothing but fun, relaxation, and pictures of smiling faces. However, behind the scenes at the Facebook headquarters we get a glimpse from Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg that life isn’t always peachy as chief operating officer of the most visited website on the internet. In fact, straight from Sheryl herself she says, “I cry at work.”

“I think we are all of us emotional beings and it’s okay for us to share that emotion at work,” Sandberg added. She also indicated that at times she cries on Mark Zuckerberg’s shoulder. Sheryl elaborated that sometimes you need your employers to say, “I am here to support you.” While I understand her position is probably VERY stressful as COO of Facebook, I don’t recommend that workers start crying while on the job.

Have you ever broken down and shed a few tears at your workplace?

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